Current Projects:

  • Spatiotemporal deep neural nets for extreme event prediction

  • Hierarchical clustering of geospatial data

  • Meta-analysis of historic marine heatwave events

My broad research interests are in large-scale climate dynamics, climate variability, air-sea interactions, extreme events, and weather prediction.

Featured Work

Intensity-Duration-Frequency Curves

Characterizing the probability of marine heatwaves using the statistical relationships between event size, duration, and intensity.

[Scannell et al., 2016]

Mixed layer heat budget

PIRATA ocean buoys shed light on what controls the seasonal cycle in the southeast tropical Atlantic Ocean; a region where many climate models fail. We undertake a thorough investigation of the components controlling the seasonal mixed layer temperature balance.

[Scannell and McPhaden, 2018]

Marine heatwave visualization

Animation of sea surface temperature shows the growth, movement, and decay of the Pacific marine heatwave.

*final project for CSE 512